Dexter Forbes is best known from the Canadian tech death band Apogean. He’s been playing music since an early age and joined a lot of bands growing up ranging from thrash, death metal, black metal and progressive metal. He lived in Holland for a year in 2006 to study music and played in a Dutch black metal band Hymir at the time. He went on to study audio engineering in 2010 and worked in recording studios for many years, then more recently he became a cinematographer and photographer as well. Now he was able to combine all of those skills to start his own band Apogean, and they have been making waves in the heavy music world. They recently signed on to the Artisan Era and they’re currently recording their full length album and plan to tour shortly after that.

Dexter has had a few custom sets wound including the recently added Angmar and Mearas as well as a Jailbreak P.

NATE SILVA is a Canadian guitarist and singer/songwriter who has travelled through several sonic worlds throughout his career. Whether he is touring North America with indie folk rock band REUBEN AND THE DARK, commanding the audience in his band (and Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2019 Champions) THE SLYDE at the world’s biggest heavy metal festival in Germany, or interpreting your favourite Top 40 tune at a local pub, Nate’s versatile guitar work and captivating tenor vocals shine across multiple musical genres.

Nate has had a few custom humbuckers wound to meet the needs of his newest musical ventures and we are currently working on a signature set.

Joseph Morrison is a founding member of Surya from Leeds, UK. Known for their crushing drop G riffs and progressive writing style. Surya and Joey are really pushing the envelope of what modern metal can be as well as showing the rest of the world that Metal is still British, and that it still has groove.

Joey has a signature pickup with us known as the Absolver, like Surya’s music this pickup crushes and is best suited to the modern metal player.

Chris Pappas is a founding member of Toronto based Swancore band Adam In The Bayou. Starting his musical journey as a drummer Pappas switched to guitar once he started writing songs of his own which would lead to the formation of AITB.

Known for their progressive writing style and intricate melodic ideas Pappas would need pickups to keep up with the Bayou’s genre, enter The Dude and The Dude Coils. All of these pickups were wound in tight collaboration with Pappas to dial in the tones he needed to achieve the sweet sweet bayou tone.

Kevin Strom is a local Toronto legend, there’s simply no other way to put it into words.

Kevin has been an integral member in one of Canada’s premier U2 tribute acts Elevation, as well as playing in Neon Nostalgic, who as they so elegantly put it “A high energy rock show in the format of a LIVE BAND VIDEO DANCE PARTY

Strom has a Signature pickup with us, the Firestorm