Ordering, Shipping Information & Returns


It may come as no surprise but every pickup is generally made to order, however, we do try to have at least one of each of the products in our Standard Series in stock at all times. If you place an order for any pickup that isn’t in stock, it will be made to order and treated as custom.

All orders from our Custom Series are made to order as every order from this product line is to the customer’s spec. All sales from the Custom Line are final.

If there are any additions once the order has been processed, regardless if they’re from the Standard Series or Custom Series, it will be considered final sale.

All back orders are subjected to a two week lead time for assembly.


All orders ship directly from Corrigan Pickups unless purchased from our partner Solo Music Gear. Orders shipped by Corrigan Pickups directly will be shipped with tracking via Canada Post. If you are an international customer, this tracking number will also work with your domestic postal service (such as USPS, Royal Mail, The Intergalactic Postal Federation for the Sixth Moon of Saturn, Titan, etc.).

If you are ordering any products that are currently shown in stock, the order will ship out within three business days of the payment clearing. All custom orders will be shipped within three business days of the final day of the order’s production lead time.


All orders can be returned within 30 days of the delivery date IF the order has it’s original packaging (if damaged it may be subject to a re-stocking fee) and if the products (specifically pickups) remain untampered/unsoldered. If the product is delivered to the customer damaged and/or defective, Corrigan Pickups will issue a return label. If the order does not arrive, we will contact the shipping provider to open a Lost in Transit Case. If the shipping provider deem that the shipment is lost, we will send a replacement order. At Corrigan Pickups, we will always have your back.

Corrigan Pickups will not provide a shipping label if the recipient has changed their mind, or if the pickup “wasn’t what they’re looking for”. We qualify every order with our customers and make sure that what they ordered will fit their requirements. The last thing either party wants is for the recipient to be disappointed.

If any repairs have to be made to any pickups returned, they may also be subject to a re-stocking fee. These could be but not limited to:

  • Re-wiring the pickup lead wires ( e.g. if the original has been cut too short to be useful)
  • Correcting any finish issues (e.g. if the bobbins have been scratched, etc.)
  • Replacing pole pieces
  • Re-placing the baseplates on humbuckers ( e.g. if they have been stripped for direct mounting (we’d recommend a smaller screw for this anyway)
  • Replacing covers
  • Replacing any hardware as needed
  • Replacing the packaging

Refunds, partial or otherwise, will be submitted once the product has been received back at Corrigan Pickups within 5-10 business days. We will always have a discussion with our customers before refunding an order to make sure everyone is happy and on the same page.

If you have any further questions please feel free to fill out the form below and we’ll do our best to answer any queries you may have!