Belle H


Noiseless single coil tones, humbucker size.

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Adding to our current line of “Belle” single coils, the Belle “H” is a true noiseless single coil in a humbucker housing. Utilizing rod magnets and a custom bobbin size, the physical make up of the magnetic coil is a true single coil like that found In the rest of the Belle line.

We strongly recommend installing this in the neck position, however bridge variants are available.


  • Bridge outout: 8.5KOhm
  • Recommended magnet: AlNiCo 5
  • Neck output: 7.4KOhm
  • Recommended magnet: AlNiCo 3

Neck, Bridge


AlNico 2, AlNico 3, AlNico 4, AlNico 5

Foil Cover

Chrome, Black, Gold

Cover Colour

Chrome, Burnt Chrome, Black, Gold


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