The Dude Single Coils


Continuing from the Dude humbucker, the single coil counter parts balance beautifully and finish off the series in a calibrated HSS set.

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These single coils boast a respectable 7.5KOhm output around a none staggered set of beveled AlNiCo V magnets, with the Middle being RWRP.

When key difference between these and our other standard series models is that these are wound with Plain Enamel wire. Chris was very kind in allowing us to take some creative decisions when it came to the design of these pickups.

When combined with the Humbucker on a five way switch, three of the five positions will be noise cancelling with a nice blend of vintage tone and modern performance.

These are both also 52mm spacing.

If you’re looking for a modern style single coil with that AlNiCo V charm, these should do the trick for you.


  • Middle output: 6.5KOhm
  • Magnet: AlNiCo 5
  • Neck output: 6KOhm
  • Magnet: AlNiCo 5



Neck, Middle, Bridge

Cover Colour

Black, White, Aged White


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