Standard Series VS Custom Series, What’s the difference?

Here at Corrigan Pickups we’re all about chasing tone and helping YOU finding THAT tone you’re looking for.

As the company has grown and we have found that many of our customers have a general baseline with regards to spec with their pickups that if they’re unsure as to what they want, they fall back on the safe bets to get a feel for who we are as a company. This also starts the dialogue of “well maybe you could try this magnet?” etc. Many people also just want a double black bobbin humbucker with an AlNiCo V magnet for example.

This then birthed the classifications of Standard and Custom series. Both hand wound in Toronto by Padraig and Chris, both using the same quality components, the same attention to detail and same one on one interaction with our loyal customers. The only difference is that the Custom Series (CS) has a few models that are exclusive to the CS line that are exclusively made to order.

The Standard Series comprises of our MK1 Bridge and Neck pickups, the MK2 Bridge pickup, The P.A.D, The Jailbreak P, The JP of Doom and our “Original” set. The MK1, MK2 and P.A.D models are only available in double black bobbins with Chrome pole pieces and the magnet choice that each pickup was designed around. Same goes for the Jailbreak P and the JP of Doom pickups. This is not to say that you cannot get the MK1, MK2 and P.A.D with different options, should you want a different magnet you can order these models in the CS at no extra charge.

The other benefit to the Standard Series is that retailers can now carry our products in store! These models are in constant production and as such can fill any orders retailers such as our partners over at Solo Music Gear have done recently!

Who knows? If the Angmar and Mearas or any other models in the Custom Series become more popularity may end up becoming part of the Standard Series!

What do you all think? Let’s start a conversation!

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