Corrigan Pickups strives to offer the best pickups we can and as consistently as possible. We pride our pickups on being reliable and dependable without compromise. We push ourselves on providing the best sounding and looking pickups we’re physically able to create.

All pickups are tested before and after wax/epoxy potting. Every pickup is also subjected to a final inspection and test to ensure it meets our standards and tolerances. With that being said, we understand that things happen. Rest assured, we have your back!

All pickups have a limited lifetime warranty that is attached to the original owner on file to the pickup. This warranty is non transferable upon private resale. As mentioned, this is a limited lifetime warranty. General wear and tear is not considered a defect of the product. If you’ve been playing the same pickup for over ten years in a dive bar that clearly shows signs of abuse and copious beer spillages, and if the pickup is no longer functional, we will not warranty it. However, if you do play in a dive bar with your band every weekend and get paid in free beer, that’s pretty cool and we approve.

If the pickup has been tampered in any way, aside from removing and/or adding a cover, we will not warranty the pickup. However, please feel free to contact us and let’s see what we can do. Certain things are up to our discretion and we want to make sure you’re happy and satisfied.

Stating the obvious but if any pickup arrives out of spec (DC rating, colour, pole piece type/colour etc) from what was ordered, we will replace the pickup for you free of charge and supply you with a return label for the defective product. Likewise, if a pickup arrives dead on arrival, we will work with the customer to rectify the issue.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out below!