Matt Elder – Professional Musician, Producer and Mix Engineer

Matt Elder is a skilled producer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer with over a decade of experience. His attention to detail and deep understanding of audio engineering have made him a sought-after professional. Notably, he mixed audio for a Jim Dunlop USA commercial featuring Jacob Umansky and Nathan Bulla of "Intervals," showcasing his ability to create balanced, high-quality mixes.

In addition to his production work, Matt is an accomplished session guitarist, contributing intricate solos and solid rhythm sections to various projects. His adaptability and musical insight make him a valuable collaborator for artists and producers.

Matt is also a dedicated music teacher, passionate about helping students develop their musical abilities through a comprehensive approach. He has toured extensively across Canada and the United States as a guitarist in various bands, earning respect for his precise and engaging live performance.

Matt currently plays our Belle TL bridge pickup in his custom Derby T style guitar!