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Well, F#CK. We went and did what can only be described as silly.

As you can probably guess from the name, this thing is intense. With a DC rating of 18.5KOhm this pickup is a double rail monster. We really recommend it for all you Doom and Sludge Metal fans out there with an unhealthy obsession to Fuzz pedals.

Wound with Poly coated wire over some extra tall double rail bobbins, the F#CKBUCKER is loud, pissed and will steal your lunch money. Loaded with AlNICo 8 and Ceramic magnets the F#CKBUCKER is the biggest and baddest metal pickup we are physically able to build.

Unlike our other models, nobody asked for this but we did it anyway. So it’s only available upon special order, we really need to check if you’re tough enough.


  • Output: 18.5KOhm
  • Magnet: AlNiCo 8 and Ceramic 8


1 review for F*CKBUCKER

  1. Rick Welbanks

    This bucker fucks.
    I put one of these in the bridge of my Type O baritone and damn is it ever what I needed. Thick, loads of punch, aggressive, but without any weirdly missing frequencies like every other heavy handed hummy I’ve tried. I use boosters with pretty much everything and this guy got me to the point where I had to pull them back a bit.
    I could see some people thinking that this guy might be too much, but guitars have volume knobs contrary to popular belief…
    It cleans up nicely with a very small amount of roll back. I’ve spent a lot of time and money pairing pedals and amps I can tell you that having this guy in my guitar has proven to me that a well shaped hot signal right out of the gate really is the game changer. I like this guy more than any of my bare knuckles.
    Yes really.
    Yeah actually really.

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