P.A.D Standard

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Classic tone, classic look.

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Everyone makes one, everyone asks for one… so here’s our offering.

The P.A.D is our attempt to get you that classic late 50’s humbucker tone. Wound with either plain enamel or poly coated 42AWG magnet wire with an AlNiCO 3 magnet. If you’re looking for a biting classic rock tone, the P.A.D will get you there.


  • Output: 7.4KOhm
  • Magnet: AlNiCo 3

1 review for P.A.D Standard

  1. Brandon A

    I was looking for a long time for a specific sound out of my guitar and was about to give up after numerous pickup changes and different configurations. That was until I met the team at Corrigan. Not only was the customer service great but I’ve found a set of pick ups that exceeded my expectations and gave me the sound I was after for so long. My only problem is now I want to change all guitars pickups over, highly recommended.

    Thanks again

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