Jailbreak P


The Jailbreak P is our go to model when it comes to P Basses, going off traditional P Bass Specs this is our best attempt to bring the classic P Bass tone to a modern player

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In terms of size the Jailbreak looks like your typical P pickup, but it’s got plenty going on under the hood. Heavy Formvar wire over wound to 13KOhm encapsulating fully charged AlNiCo V rod magnets.

Generally speaking a higher output pickup such as this they tend to be on the darker side tonally speaking, but coupled with the AlNiCo V magnets they balance out nicely and give plenty of bite with a little more bass and midrange response than your typical P pickup.


  • Output: 8.5KOhm
  • Magnet: AlNiCo 5
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Black, White, Cream


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