Derryl VI – VI

Derryl Vi, a Toronto-based musician, began his guitar journey in 1996, inspired by Metallica and Iron Maiden. In 2014, he formed VI, blending heavy riffs with melodic tranquility. VI’s debut album, “The Art of Violence” (2017), gained acclaim in Europe and South America.

Before VI, Derryl had previously opened with Devildriver on their 2009 “Thrash and Burn Tour” and was featured on “Shredders of Metal.” Active in Toronto’s metal scene, he has served as interim guitarist for Korrosive before continuing his solo project VI.

Known for tone matching artists with guitar pedals, Derryl runs a YouTube channel dedicated to this craft. His discovery of the “Katana” pickup led him to join the Corrigan Pickups roster, where he continues to explore new tones and write a 4th album with Loubelle Luis of Descant Gott. “The Katana pickup is the sound I’m looking for in my quest for tone. It has that heaviness and high end that slices through the mix.”