Dexter Forbes – Apogean

Dexter Forbes is best known from the Canadian tech death band Apogean. He’s been playing music since an early age and joined a lot of bands growing up ranging from thrash, death metal, black metal and progressive metal. He lived in Holland for a year in 2006 to study music and played in a Dutch black metal band Hymir at the time. He went on to study audio engineering in 2010 and worked in recording studios for many years, then more recently he became a cinematographer and photographer as well. Now he was able to combine all of those skills to start his own band Apogean, and they have been making waves in the heavy music world. They recently signed on to the Artisan Era and they’re currently recording their full length album and plan to tour shortly after that.

Dexter has had a few custom sets wound including the recently added Angmar and Mearas as well as a Jailbreak P.